There are various Labs in our school in which our students can learn practical thins by there own.

  • Suvidya Scholarship Program
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Coaching Facility with Catalyst Coaching Institute
  • Sports Facilities
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Music and Dance
  • Transport


Sports Facilities

We believe that sports and games in school encompass more than just the benefit of physical activity. They increase self-esteem and mental alertness, which makes school sports and games necessary for every school going child. Keeping this in mind Kullu Science School has incorporated sports and games as an integral part of the curriculum. Sports and games facilities at Kullu Science School include: • A basket ball court • A badminton court • A table tennis room • Aerobics and P.T. Sessions on every Saturday etc. • Indoor games like chess, carom etc. Students enjoy playing the field games and indoor games .The games activities include regular physical fitness exercises as well as matches. The annual sports day provides an opportunity for the showcasing of athletic prowess and talent. Students participate in various solo and group events.
All in all Kullu Science School takes care of both mental and physical development of the students.

Music and Dance

Our faculties are passionate about teaching and intensively trained to impart an enjoyable and exhilarating musical experience to young children.


With numerous students pouring in, to the school daily from every nook and corner of the district the transportation department plays a very vital role. It ferries students and faculty members from different parts of the district to the school and vice-versa. For this the school maintains a fleet of buses, wingers, vans and several privately run vehicles. Transportation facility is provided to students on all existing routes of Kullu District. Availing of the transport facility is optional. The transportation fares depend upon the distance upto which a student travels from the school.

Sr. No Number Of Vehicle Type Of Vehicle Route
01 01 Bus From Kullu to JagatSukh and back to Kullu

Transport Station – Wise Charges to and fro

Serial No. Station Charges (per month)
1 Akhara 200/-
2 Ramshilla 300/-
3 Seobagh 700/-
4 Kais 750/-
5 Kararsu 800/-
6 Larankelo 1200/-
7 Naggar 1300/-
8 Chakki 1300/-
9 Karjan 1600/-
10 JagatSukh 1800/-